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Price Comparison Example

Gold & Silver Exchange would like to help you save a lot of money on your next jewelry purchase. New jewelry has a very high markup.

Normally nine different companies are involved in the manufacturing and selling of a set of wedding rings or other pieces of jewelry. These companies are the gold mine, diamond mine, diamond cuter, diamond wholesaler, gold refinery, manufacturing facility, jewelry wholesaler, retail store, and several shipping companies. Each of these nine companies have to make a profit. Each company increases the price when they do their part. By the time gold and diamonds are taken from the ground and you buy them as finished jewelry, the price has increased about twelve times.

Below is an example of our prices compared to what regular jewelry stores charge. The total original purchase price of the diamond wedding set shown below, with service plan and tax, was $1,281.03. Our price is $269.99 + $24.30 tax. The price difference is $986.74. That is 77% less! Would you like to save $986.74 on your next jewelry purchase? Please notice the $1,281.03 price is after the store's $501 discount.

The rings are made of 14k white gold. The center diamond is 1/4 carat round diamond.