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Cash For Coins

We buy ALL coins!

Do you have a few wheat pennies, some foreign pocket

change left over from a vacation, or a safe full of rare

coins? We want your coins regardless of their value. Your

coins do not have to be made of silver or gold. No amount

is too small or too large!

At Gold & Silver Exchange our passion and specialty is

coins, gold, silver, and jewelry. We are not a pawn shop,

high priced jewelry store, gun shop, or flea market with a

We Buy Gold sign. We are knowledgeable professionals

with over thirty years experience. We will take the time to

educate you about what you have before you decide to sell.

Many people have put off selling their coins because of the stigma surrounding gold buyers. This stigma grew from decades of hidden prices, secret weighing practices and unscrupulous business owners. We at Gold & Silver Exchange changed that for our clients. Our growth and success was built by good old-fashioned honesty and “word of mouth” advertising. After having a pleasant selling experience, our clients shared it with their family and friends. This is how we at Gold & Silver Exchange are working hard destroying the stigma associated with the gold and coin industry.

Gold & Silver Exchange is family owned and operated. Our success was built on recognizing each client as an important partner. We are committed to giving you the highest standard of professional excellence and integrity. To that end, my family is looking forward to serving your precious metal needs.