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We buy jewelry made of gold or silver. Bring us your jewelry regardless of its condition.

We buy ALL coins!  They do not have to be made of gold or silver. 

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We want you to be a client for life, not just a one time customer. Therefore we offer the most competitive rates on buying your treasures and investments; also when helping you purchase gold and silver products. Please call us today at (479) 967-4653. You will get the most for your valuables, while knowing EXACTLY what you have and what we are paying. Gold & Silver Exchange offers total transparency. We constantly buy and sell many different types and sizes of gold and silver products. Doing so allows us to maintain a position in gold and silver. This greatly reduces the negative exposure to market fluctuations. To maintain that position, we consistently pay high prices.

Gold & Silver Exchange buys diamond jewelry and unmounted diamonds. We want your diamonds regardless of their shape, size, or quality.

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In these troubled financial times, you are wise to consider all of your resources at your fingertips.



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We have a good selection of gold and silver coins and bars in stock for immediate delivery.

OVER thirty years Experience

We have been buying and selling jewelry, gold, silver, coins, and stamps for over thirty years. Gold & Silver Exchange is family owned and operated. Our success was built on recognizing each client as an important partner. We are committed to giving you the highest standard of professional excellence and integrity. To that end, my family is looking forward to serving your  needs whether you are selling or buying.

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